Welcome to Rittenhouse Candle and Soap!

I am so glad you decided to view my products. Creating products that soothe and quench the body has always been my passion. I began making candles and vegetable based natural soaps as a hobby in my kitchen and before long, my cherished creations were gifts for family and friends.

From day one, the candles and soaps received rave reviews. Over the years, I became increasingly aware of our global environmental crisis and wanted to make sure I was creating products that were eco-friendly. Consumers are becoming more aware of dangerous chemicals in everyday products and how our health and ecosystem are being affected. Rittenhouse Candle and Soap’s products are based on a concept of a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner environment.

I still make my products in small batches and they are still all made with the love and care that started years ago.

There is one difference now....Today, my treasured products soothe the soul of many with the added benefit of giving my customers peace of mind that they too are contributing to a healthier environment.

Our Mission

We believe that our customers are as important as our products and the environment - not to be taken for granted, or abused. In that spirit, we offer you only the best natural products available coupled with world class customer service.

"Creating natural products that soothe you is my passion, and I get so much joy in delivering quality products to you, my valued customer."

~Peace and Happiness
Danyelle ~ Founder